Hello Mums, Dads and carers!

We believe that reading with your child is one of the best ways to help then get ready for school.

This page gives you just a few of our favourite tips on reading with your child: have a look online to discover more about the magic of sharing stories, books and rhymes. bookstart.org.uk/have-some-fun

Spending just 10 minutes reading together every day:

  • Helps your child develop social and emotional skills.
  • Strengthens their bond with you
  • Helps them grow into a confident learner

Two children reading books on the grass

Top tips to help you enjoy books together everyday!

  • Make animal noises or sound effects — these help to bring the story to life and will make you both laugh!
  • Cuddle up together or get brothers and sisters to join in and enjoy stories and rhymes together.
  • Ask questions when you’re reading together such as:
    • ‘What can you see on this page?’
    • ‘How do you think the characters feel’
  • Let your child be the storyteller. They can ‘read’ the pictures to you and talk about what’s happening on the page.
  • Find somewhere quiet away from noise, television and mobile phones.
  • If you feel comfortable, try pulling funny faces or putting on character voices —these are a sure way to make your child giggle!
  • Look at the pictures and start talking about them.

Things to do

  • Play a guessing game when you’re out and about together. Ask your child what numbers or letters they can see on buses, posters and signs.
  • Let your child have fun making marks on paper with pencils or crayons, there’s no right or wrong way to draw a picture — this is the very first stage of writing and drawing.
  • Encourage your child to ask lots of questions. Asking questions is one of the most important skills that a learner needs!

Looking for more?

  • Visit your local library where you can borrow books for free Ask your child’s key worker on ideas on how you can support your toddler’s development by sharing books together