At Little Giggles our aims and vision form the basis of the environments, culture and care we provide. We have spent many years nurturing our environments to ensure they are amongst the best with high quality resources and top of the range provision to shape and stimulate the minds of generations to come.

Our Aims at Little Giggles

We hold strong foundations with families and children to ensure that parents feel valued, a part of their child’s education and where all children’s educators can come together to support their children grow, learn, develop and share happiness.To underpin our aims, we have our vision which runs adjacent to provide a promise in principle to our families and children in regards to the provision, environments, care and experiences that we provide.
Our Vision at Little Giggles

For us to be able to implement our aims and vision effectively we carefully and caringly created our play rules with our children which help our practitioners and children create an environment which cultivates care and respect and thoughtful reflection. This facilitates a respectful nature amongst our children, a safe environment and interactive environment and where each individual counts as part of our Little Giggles family. As you walk around our play rooms you will see our play rules displayed consistently, as children grow the play rules always remain the same, enabling children to have consistent boundaries and rules in place to support their development and that of others.