Holiday Club

Upcoming Holiday Club Days

Two little girls having fun making pizza

Pizza Making Day

Monday 18th July 2022 Leigh

A green field in a park with large trees

Local Park Trip

Tuesday 19th July 2022 Leigh

Colour Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday 20th July 2022 Leigh

Kids solving a shape puzzle together on the floor

Puzzle Day

Thursday 21st July 2022 Leigh

Coloured ice pops for painting

Ice painting

Friday 22nd July 2022 Leigh

Child in a homemade fort

Fort building

Monday 25th July 2022 Leigh

Children playing on an obstacle course

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Tuesday 26th July 2022 Leigh

Three Goblin doors

Make a Fairy or Goblin Door For Your Garden

Wednesday 27th July 2022 Leigh

Children Playing Charades

Charades Challenge

Thursday 28th July 2022 Leigh

Making a Bird Feeder

Making Bird Feeders

Friday 29th July 2022 Leigh

Children having a picnic outside

Outdoor Picnic

Monday 01st August 2022 Leigh

Smoothie Making

Smoothie Making

Tuesday 02nd August 2022 Leigh

Little girl playing with a bubble wand

Bubble Wand Making

Thursday 04th August 2022 Leigh

Painted Rocks

Rock Painting

Thursday 04th August 2022 Leigh

A green field in a park with large trees

Local Park Trip

Friday 05th August 2022 Leigh

Kids throwing water balloons in the sun

Outdoor Water Play

Monday 08th August 2022 Leigh

Kids in a Museum

Local Museum Trip

Tuesday 09th August 2022 Leigh

Little Giggles Bake Off Logo

Little Giggles Bake Off

Wednesday 10th August 2022 Leigh

A wooden basket of fresh fruit and vegetables

Grow your own fruit or vegetable and learn how to care for it

Thursday 11th August 2022 Leigh

Movie Day

Friday 12th August 2022 Leigh

Sports Day

Monday 15th August 2022 Leigh

A green field in a park with large trees

Local Park Trip

Tuesday 16th August 2022 Leigh

Small toy figures casting a shadow onto drawing paper

Shadow drawing and shadow puppet shows

Wednesday 17th August 2022 Leigh

Children in woods

Outdoor camping & survival

Thursday 18th August 2022 Leigh

Little Giggles' Got Talent

Little Giggles' Got Talent

Friday 19th August 2022 Leigh

Kites made by kids out of paper

Kite Making and Flying

Monday 22nd August 2022 Leigh

Some colourful playdough in a plastic container

Playdough Day – Make your own to take home

Tuesday 23rd August 2022 Leigh

A top-down view of a desk where a child is drawing a postcard

Make and send a postcard!

Wednesday 24th August 2022 Leigh

Many child-friendly homemade musical instruments

Make a musical instrument

Thursday 25th August 2022 Leigh

Colouring pens

Colouring competition

Friday 26th August 2022 Leigh

A green field in a park with large trees

Local Park Trip

Tuesday 30th August 2022 Leigh

Kids playing with balloons at a disco party

Summer Party and Disco

Wednesday 31st August 2022 Leigh

Child's legs with a football

Football Tournament

Thursday 01st September 2022 Leigh

Kids doing Yoga

Yoga in the Garden

Friday 02nd September 2022 Leigh

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